whatsgoing : movie-reviews, tech-guide, ongoing trends, informative/entertainment articles.

in this section we have discussed everything in whatsgoing so you can get the idea

about the content of the website.


movie reviews

one of the most important part of whatsgoing is movie reviews.

you can get through the ratings and reviews of all the topics critics/website of india

like IMDB, rotten tomatoes, times of india, rajeev masand, and many more

on a single webpage.


tech guide

whatsgoing will also give you all the information that you need to know before buying and smartphone or any other gadget.

top 10 lists of smartphone/earphone/laptops and others gadgets every month so you know the best.

full reviews of all the smartphones or other gadgets

and collection of ratings from all big reviewers on a single webpage.

news and updates about upcoming gadgets on a single page.

ongoing trends


whatsgoing will also give updates about the ongoing trends of

fashion, food, places, social media trends, and happenings in the country

so that you never miss out on anything

stay updated.

informative/entertainment articles

whatsgoing will also provide many helpful articles about self-improvement, health, tech, etc.

and entertainment articles about music, movies, insights on the industry, artists, unknown facts about them, their working, etc.

also you will get many fascinating articles like conspiracy theories, many unknown stories, and insights that no one will tell you.

conspiracy theories
believe me you only believe in what you are being told not the truth

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