10 best stand up comedians in India


there has been a great increase in the popularity of stand up comedy through youtube, Netflix standup comedy shows, or amazon’s comicstaan. these are the best stand up comedians in India.

with the rise of this industry, we all saw the rise of the most talented standup comedians of all over the country these are most popular and best stand up comedians in India.

10) tanmay bhat

Tanmay Bhat is one of the most popular YouTuber in 2020.

his channel has grown exponentially in just a few months. he currently has 2.2+ million subscribers on his youtube channel and the number is increasing really quick

he was also one of the founders of AIB (All India Bakchod ) and plays a role in the rise of this industry.

tanmay bhat

9) vipul goyal

one of the comedian that became really famous recently is Vipul goyal

he is extremly funny with typical indian personality which makes him really relatable

his recent youtube video bahu ki sleeveless got him the popularity and is really hilarious.

he also apeared in a show called humoursly yours which is by the way his instagram username

vipul goyal

8) vir das

vir das who is mostly known for his performances in films like go goa gone, delhi belly, and Netflix series hasmukh is a really good standup comedian

he also is one the few indian standup comedian who has a global audience fanbase

you can checkout his youtube channel and instagram

vir das

7) Aakash Gupta

Akash Gupta is also one of the comedians who recently became popular after comicstaan his recent hilarious youtube videos

he was also the winner of comicstaan 2nd season and is really funny.

akash gupta

6)kenny sebestian

kenny sebestian is really popular on youtube with over 2 million + subscribers

He became known through his YouTube channel that broadcasts clips of his stand-up shows,song covers, with 152 million views since 2008 and counting

kenny sebestian

5)karunesh talwar

karunesh talwar is a writer, singer and a really good stand up comedian who is known for his roasting and his unusual jokes that only he could think

he is also really known for his youtube videos and his funny way of presenting a joke

karunesh talwar

4)kunal kamra

kunal kamra whom many people hate because of his political jokes and many hate him after his carryminati roast video

but you cant deny his ability as a strong stage performer and his hilarious youtube videos

he is also really active on his twitter

kunal kamra

3)anubhav singh bassi

Anubhav Singh Bassi is a stand-up comedian from India who has become a youth sensation in this last year

bassi has a great personality and a great story telling skill which combine made him very popular. check out his youtube channel.

anubhav singh bassi

2) abhishek upmanyu

Abhishek upmanyu is a standup up comedian from Delhi who is really popular among the youth.

even though he looks completely different and a lot handsome his humor is still that good

check out his youtube channel and twitter

abhishek upmany

1)zakir khan

the most popular and the best stand up comedian on the list is zakir khan.

almost every indian who watch stand up probably knows about him

he got a massive popularity after his aib diwas video which went crazy on the internet with 51 million+ views and counting

checkout his youtube and twitter

zakir khan

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